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Buy wholesale and save on elephant figurines at cheap discount prices. WholesaleMart is a wholesale distributor of bulk elephant figurines at wholesale prices.

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Wholesale Elephant Oil Warmer Wholesale Trumpeting Elephant Ring Holder Wholesale Lucky Elephant Figurine
Retail Price: $7.95
Wholesale Price: $3.95
Our Price: $3.12
3144 in stock
Retail Price: $13.95
Wholesale Price: $6.95
Our Price: $5.95
355 in stock
Retail Price: $23.95
Wholesale Price: $11.95
Our Price: $10.08
420 in stock
Cheap Elephant Oil Warmer in Bulk Wholesale Cheap Trumpeting Elephant Ring Holder Cheap Lucky Elephant Figurine in Bulk
Brighten your home with this lucky elephant and enjoy the sweet smell of good fortune! Cute ceramic figurine makes a darling decoration when not in use, but with the addition of a little scented oil and a tealight candle, it becomes an elegant fragrance diffuser that brightens the air with your favorite perfume. This modern pachyderm is as useful and he is artistic! He will gladly hold your precious jewels when you aren’t wearing them, and on his own is a modern sculpture for your counter or dresser. Legend states that an elephant figurine inside your home brings good fortune; why not see for yourself? Small in stature but big on looks, this beautiful wood-look elephant is a winning addition to your decor.
Wholesale Elephant Trio Candleholders Wholesale Elephant Candleholder Set Wholesale Safari Animal Mask Wall Plaque
Retail Price: $25.95
Wholesale Price: $12.95
Our Price: $10.66
1105 in stock
Retail Price: $25.95
Wholesale Price: $12.95
Our Price: $10.88
281 in stock
Retail Price: $29.95
Wholesale Price: $14.95
Our Price: $12.98
532 in stock
Cheap Elephant Trio Candleholders in Bulk Cheap Elephant Candleholder Set in Bulk Cheap Safari Animal Mask Wall Plaque in Bulk
The light from three tealights will dance off the 3D carvings of these candleholders to make the elephant family come to life as they perch atop their wooden platform. This darling elephant with an inlaid silver pattern is using similarly adorned “torches” to light her way across the rocky tundra. This chocolate colored tealight holder set is sure to enhance your contemporary lighting décor. Exotic African wall plaque with traditionally carved giraffe, elephant, zebra and leopard masks. Polyresin. 1 1/2" x 3 5/8" x 27 1/4" high.
Wholesale Playful Elephant Wine Holder Wholesale Lucky Elephants Tusk Sculpture Wholesale Lucky Elephant Statue
Retail Price: $37.95
Wholesale Price: $18.95
Our Price: $15.88
854 in stock
Retail Price: $45.95
Wholesale Price: $22.95
Our Price: $19.36
312 in stock
Retail Price: $57.95
Wholesale Price: $28.95
Our Price: $24.58
247 in stock
Cheap Playful Elephant Wine Holder in Bulk Cheap Lucky Elephants Tusk Sculpture in Bulk Cheap Lucky Elephant Statue in Bulk
What’s tickling the tummy of this roly-poly elephant? A bottle of bubbly, or any wine you please! Figural holder charmingly cradles your beverage for a playful display. A family of elephants pauses beneath a mighty banyan grove, taking the time to enjoy the cool shade— and a luscious leafy mid-day meal! Faux-ivory tusk makes a wonderfully worldly focus piece, adding a touch of the wild to your décor. Handsome tooled end-caps set with sparkling gems elegantly offset the intricate carvings and graceful shape of this simulated elephant tusk. Polyresin. 16 1/2" x 2 3/4" x 8" high. The stories are true: The person who owns this gorgeous elephant is a lucky decorator indeed! Impressive statue has the rich appearance of a hand-fashioned work of art.
Wholesale Elephant Safari Figurine Wholesale Joyful Elephant Fountain Wholesale Elephant Wall Decoration
Retail Price: $83.95
Wholesale Price: $41.95
Our Price: $33.44
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Retail Price: $83.95
Wholesale Price: $41.95
Our Price: $33.44
188 in stock
Retail Price: $117.95
Wholesale Price: $58.95
Our Price: $50.68
111 in stock
Cheap Elephant Safari Figurine in Bulk Cheap Joyful Elephant Fountain in Bulk Cheap Elephant Wall Decoration in Bulk
An enchanting elephant parade marches its way into your heart and home! Charmingly fashioned by gifted African Kisii stone carvers, this worldly accessory fits faultlessly into any worldly décor. Hand made from natural material and imported from South Africa. Actual item may vary slightly from the photo. Every color and gleaming gem reflects the joy of a mother and child at play! Traditional elephant motif fountain brings a vibrant hint of the exotic that enlivens any décor, along with the merry music of cascading water. Elephants are thought to bring luck and financial success to the home. Place this realistic pachyderm on your wall for a striking decorative focal point and then some!
Wholesale Noble Elephant Wall Décor
Retail Price: $133.95
Wholesale Price: $66.95
Our Price: $57.93
211 in stock
Cheap Noble Elephant Wall Décor in Bulk
Indulge your wild side when you dress up a dull room with this lifelike sculptural plaque! Lovingly detailed re-creation of Nature’s gentle giant is a breathtaking addition to any area. Hole on back for hanging. Weight 7.5 lbs. Polyresin. 19 1/2" x 16" x 11" high.